Growing up, Philly’s community was exposed to high levels of unemployment and drug use. For Philly, sport was a diversion and it provided a framework of positive reinforcement.

His brother John was not so lucky. He became a heroin addict. Philly believes if he had drug awareness education, he would have known better to treat John in a way he deserved.


Using the frameworks of sport and business, we will provide programmes and support for youth that will reinforce the self-belief that they have a right and potential to be the best that they can be.


Our vision is to nurture self-belief in the youth of our communities by fostering empowerment, leadership and high performance.


Each of the 14 participants on the 16 week programme will be assigned their very own mentor. Participants will be led down a suitable pathway, whether it be education, an apprenticeship, work placement or general life skills.

The participants will engage with employers and will be given support and guidance in seeking out their own employment opportunities.


Lisa Keenan participated in a previous charity initiative designed by Philly which involved participants from Ballymun.

"When you don't have a path or a goal, it's so frightening. I didn't know where I was going. I got a place on the course, did two years in college.... I realised I'm able to do stuff that I never thought I would be..."


Half Time Talk is a charitable movement set up by 8-time All-Ireland winning Dublin footballer and Ballymun native, Philly McMahon.

Our aim is to educate, train and empower young, unemployed adults in communities, all over Ireland, to help them unlock their potential.

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